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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge
2000-03-06 Insight Into The Nature Of Suffering: The 4 Noble Truths (Part I) 47:11
Michael Grady
Opening to the truth of suffering and its origin (noble truths 1+2).

1999-12-01 Generosity-Cultivating The Inner Qualities Of Non-Clinging And Letting Go 42:41
Marcia Rose
we offer - we receive… cultivating generosity in a thousand different ways; a powerful antidote for the energies that bind us.

1999-11-10 Compassion - The Heartbeat Of The Buddha's Teaching 51:29
Marcia Rose
"May I, may you, may all beings be free from suffering." The Buddha's teachings and practices of cultivating a deep, expansive tenderness of heart, grounded in immeasurable impartiality--the heart of compassion--which transforms the way we relate to ourselves and to others. With the great strength and trust in our ability to bear witness to and face suffering, we are able to offer appropriate help in relationship to the pain, the anguish and the confusion of all beings, ourselves included.

1999-08-06 Impermanence: The Door To Compassion And Liberation Of The Heart 41:46
Marcia Rose
given at the Family retreat: the acceptance of impermanence/change opens the door to liberation and the deepest compassion.

1999-08-04 Mindfulness And The Rainbow Of Emotions 51:43
Marcia Rose
given at the Family retreat: the possibility of transformation in the midst of the many hues of our emotional states.

1999-04-17 The Spirit Of Investigation 47:22
Michael Grady
learning to look deeply instead of reacting

1999-04-05 Self-Doubt 53:12
Michael Grady
developing wisdom and faith through our investigation of self-doubt in practice

1998-08-07 Kindness & Generosity Of The Heart - Dana 48:57
Marcia Rose
the ever expanding seamless circle of the kindness and generosity from the ancient Buddhist world; up to this very moment.

1998-08-05 The Factors Of Awakening Are Here And Now - Family Course 1998 52:53
Marcia Rose
traversing the landscape of our practice in whatever forms it takes - our family life - parenting as practice as well as "on the cushion". The fadctors of mind/heart needed for awakening are available in any moment.

1998-05-11 The Power Of Mindfulness 50:27
Michael Grady
transforming habit through silent attention

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