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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge
2003-12-19 The Noble Eight-Fold, Part 3 62:22
Myoshin Kelley

2003-11-20 The Obscurations of Faith 63:06
Myoshin Kelley

2003-11-07 Judging Ourselves 57:16
Guy Armstrong
Harsh judgements of ourselves in practice and in life may be connected to an underlying sense of not being good enough. The talk explores remedies in the moment (mindfulness and reflection) and long term (metta, selflessness).

2003-10-20 Compassion - The Heart Beat Of The Buddha's Teaching 1:13:40
Marcia Rose
Compassion - one of the two wings of liberation: It's the heart felt connection to beings, and our way of being in this world that ensues from this. Compassion: Arising out of a clear and deep understanding/knowing of Dukkha (the unsatisfactoriness of all phenomena); the root cause of this suffering and the way of it's end. Compassion--the heart of tenderness, openness and great strength. As we turn our capacity to unconditionally open to and accept towards suffering, we connect with our courage and strength to genuine care and move towards the alleviation of suffering.
October 2003 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2003-10-17 Reflections on Appreciating & Honoring Munindra 63:37
Carol Wilson

2003-10-13 Seclusion 59:24
Carol Wilson

2003-10-03 Hatred Does Not Cease by Hatred 58:46
Sarah Doering
The suffering caused by hatred can be unending, unless hatred is turned to love. Different methods of meditation practice enable this process of transformation.

2003-09-29 Seven Factors Of Enlightenment - #5 Tranquility And #6 Concentration 62:34
Marcia Rose
The enlightenment factor of tranquility, the calm serenity that begins to evolve out of the connection, interest and joy in seeing things more directly and clearly, brings a quieting of the disturbances of mind and body. Tranquility prepares the mind for deepening concentration, which is the 6th enlightenment factor. With a strengthening of moment-to-moment concentration, clarity and insight arise quite naturally.
September 2003 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2003-09-21 Joy And Tranquility As Enlightenment Factors 49:31
Marcia Rose
Spiritual joy-bliss-rapture makes the mind/the heart bright, light, pliable, and open. It's rooted in our practice along the way of this journey to awakening. This bright and buoyant energy of mind and body helps to inspire and sustain the effort that is needed for practicing. The bright and buoyant energy of joy, this "lightness of being", and the arising calm and quiet of a tranquil body and mind are essential aspects and fruits of this path along the way to awakening.
September 2003 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2003-09-15 Investigation As A Factor Of Enlightenment 56:27
Marcia Rose
The Buddha's invitation to us is "to come and see" for ourselves what is true. Investigation is the "activity" of mindfulness. It's the activity of discernment. It illuminates the object. When things are brightly lit, what is already present is then clearly seen and known, and confusion is dissipated. "EHI PASSIKA" "Some and See" investigation is the active aspect of mindfulness. It brings a clear discernment of our body-mind experience. Investigation is what lights up the truth for us.

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