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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge
2002-11-20 Bvihara - Mudita Practice 44:46
  Marcia Rose
Instructions - Mudita Practice. Short reflection with oneself - good, helpful, skillful things we've done. Mudita phrases with - some it's easy to rejoice for/with--------and a benefactor, a friend, a family member, fellow yogi, all yogis on retreat.

2002-11-18 Mudita: Joy With - Joy For 61:58
  Marcia Rose
Mudita - the natural response of the heart - our capacity to see joy in relationship to another's happiness, success, beauty, goodness or well being. Exploring and recognizing the joy that has no 'self' at the center of it… the momentary joy of the pure heart.

2002-11-03 Concentration And Mindfulness 55:28
  Marcia Rose
Reigning the mind in from all it's myriad distractions… cultivating the power of concentration in order to see clearly. Pay attention in a non judging, non manipulative, non grasping, non rejecting attention - the magic of mindfulness, taking us out of illusion directly into reality.

2002-08-14 The Third Foundation Of Mindfulness: Mental States 47:28
  Michael Grady
Practicing mindfulness with mental states, emotions and reactions.

2002-07-04 A Positive Attitude 42:27
  Corrado Pensa
Developing a positive attitude as much as we can throughout the day is an essential development of practice. Hindrances to it are explored and a few suggestions are offered.

2002-02-06 Letting Go Of Suffering: The Four Noble Truths 49:37
  Michael Grady
Suffering as a gateway to liberation.

2002-02-04 The Freedom Of Letting Go 44:11
  Michael Grady
Through gentle perseverance, learning to let go of the burden of the past.

2001-04-18 The Four Foundations Of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide For Living In The Present 47:38
  Michael Grady
Pragmatic mindfulness gives us full, immediate presence.

2001-04-16 Living In The Present 42:26
  Michael Grady
Living fully in the present brings energy and joy.

2000-12-12 Sound And Silence- Opening The Ear Door 39:38
  Marcia Rose
"From listening, spontaneously meditation arises. From listening, a depth, a well of virtues: From listening, truth, fulfillment, knowledge, ……those who hear flower forever." 16th century Indian poet, Nanak A 45 minute sitting meditation, beginning with Nanak's poem and then listening/hearing Tibetan bells, Japanese mok-tok, and other bell tones with alternating moments of silence.

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