The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge
2003-05-04 What's The Breath Got To Do With Freedom? 56:08
  Carol Wilson
Mindfulness of breath leads to the potential for accurate understanding of mental and physical experience. This simple mindfulness can lead us to the end of suffering.

2003-04-10 The Awakened Heart 48:13
  Rodney Smith
The heart cannot open when it is on a journey in time. Love is found when we add nothing to this moment.

2003-04-08 Task-Centered & Heart-Centered Meditation 47:21
  Rodney Smith
The movement from task-centered practice to heart-centered awareness contains the whole of the spiritual path.

2003-04-06 The Search For Meaning 45:05
  Rodney Smith
We search throughout our lives for what is meaningful, only to find it in front of our eyes.

2003-03-28 The Nature Of Awareness 56:21
  Guy Armstrong

2003-03-27 The Spirit Of Questioning 48:45
  Rodney Smith
To hold a question is to keep the mind unformed and resting in stillness. Seeking an answer reconfirms the person who knows.

2003-03-24 Wanting: The Payoff And The Pain 44:56
  Rodney Smith
The whole of desire must be understood—what it gives us and its inevitable pain—in order for it to be put to an end.

2003-03-12 Being Awake 45:46
  Michael Grady
Living life fully in the here and now.

2003-03-10 Insight Into The Three Characteristics Of Conditions 47:39
  Michael Grady
Seeing into the nature of conditioned experiences of suffering, impermanence and selflessness leads to unconditioned freedom.

2003-02-02 Working With The Hindrances In Metta 63:35
  Myoshin Kelley
Recognizing the near and far enemies of metta as they arise.

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