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Carol Wilson's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge
Carol Wilson
What I most love in my teaching practice is seeing students become dedicated to their own liberation. As their spiritual practice matures, people light up from within when they begin to understand that personal freedom is possible. This commitment to freedom on the part of the student inspires me to find ways to express my deepest understanding and enthusiasm for liberation.
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2006-12-26 Ceaselessly Responsive 59:00
When the heart/mind is free from the narrowness of self-clinging, the natural response to beings and the world is that of metta/karuna: friendliness & compassion
2006-12-18 Investigating Anatta: Power Of Renuniciation 59:38
Even when sakhaya ditthi is seen through, subtle clinging gives rise to a sense of self.
2006-12-11 Investigating Anatta: Personality View 60:45
2006-12-04 Investigation Anatta: Clinging 60:24
The self is merely a condition that arises when there is grasping or clinging in the mind--when investigated it is seen not to exist.
2004-12-28 Poems Of First Buddhist Nuns 60:42
December 2004 at IMS - Forest Refuge
2004-12-20 Annica: A Doorway To Awakening 59:12
December 2004 at IMS - Forest Refuge
2004-12-06 Rightening The Mind And Heart 65:49
December 2004 at IMS - Forest Refuge
2003-10-17 Reflections on Appreciating & Honoring Munindra 63:37
2003-10-13 Seclusion 59:24
2003-05-04 What's The Breath Got To Do With Freedom? 56:08
Mindfulness of breath leads to the potential for accurate understanding of mental and physical experience. This simple mindfulness can lead us to the end of suffering.

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