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Michael Grady's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge
Michael Grady
I find that practitioners can practice Vipassana for a long time without paying attention to the role that fear plays in their lives. Living with fear that is unacknowledged leads to fragmentation in life and practice. I encourage people to look at the energy of fear, for fear can limit our access to freedom.
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2003-03-12 Being Awake 45:46
Living life fully in the here and now.
2003-03-10 Insight Into The Three Characteristics Of Conditions 47:39
Seeing into the nature of conditioned experiences of suffering, impermanence and selflessness leads to unconditioned freedom.
2002-08-14 The Third Foundation Of Mindfulness: Mental States 47:28
Practicing mindfulness with mental states, emotions and reactions.
2002-02-06 Letting Go Of Suffering: The Four Noble Truths 49:37
Suffering as a gateway to liberation.
2002-02-04 The Freedom Of Letting Go 44:11
Through gentle perseverance, learning to let go of the burden of the past.
2001-04-18 The Four Foundations Of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide For Living In The Present 47:38
Pragmatic mindfulness gives us full, immediate presence.
2001-04-16 Living In The Present 42:26
Living fully in the present brings energy and joy.
2000-03-08 Liberation And Path; Noble Truths 3 & 4 (Part 2) 44:10
Liberation from suffering and the path leading to freedom.
2000-03-06 Insight Into The Nature Of Suffering: The 4 Noble Truths (Part I) 47:11
Opening to the truth of suffering and its origin (noble truths 1+2).
1999-04-17 The Spirit Of Investigation 47:22
learning to look deeply instead of reacting

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